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Data driven research environments at Arts, Aarhus University

On this page, you will find informations regarding the different data driven research environments at Arts.

Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus: a research and development unit for the entire ARTS, which supports researchers in working and completions of projects. The center has seven employees.

Contact: Associate professor and head of center Kristoffer L. Nielbo.


Archeological IT: A unit of four employees, who supports archeological research.

Contact: Head of center Peter Jensen.


AU Social Robotics Lab: An interdisciplinary center which studies and participates in the development of social robotics. Head of center: Professor Johanna Seibt.

Contact: Assistant professor Nicolas Navarro Guerrero.


CAVI: A center for interaction design, which supports experimental digital research. Head of center: Professor Kim Halskov.

Contact: info@cavi.dk


Center for Digital History Aarhus: A center which supports historical research by using digital methods and digital archives.  

Contact: Associate professor Helle Strandgaard Jensen.


DATALAB - Center for Digital Social Research: An interdisciplinary center with focus on research in digital communication and behavioural data. 

Contact: Professor Anja Bechmann.


Digital Arts Initiative: An interdisciplinary netork at Arts, which in 2018 among other things has completed the competency development course Digital Literacy with 40 researchers.

Contact: Professor Mads Rosendahl Thomsen.


Larm.fm: An archive and a community for research in Danish radio and tv, and a part of DIGHUMLAB.

Contact: Assistant professor Janne Nielsen.


NetLab: A community for the study of the internet and the web, established under DIGHUMLAB.

Contact: Professor Niels Brügger.