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Examples of projects among the 40 researchers involved

  • Christian Wahl:” Self-regulated Learning within students Personal Learning Environment”
  • Mathias Clasen:” Toward a Computational Approach to Stephen King’s Novels”
  • Janne Nielsen: “The Historical Development of Tracking and E-commerce on the Danish Web”
  • Ulf Dalvad Berthelsen:” Automated Analysis of Student Texts”
  • Vladimir Douglas Pacheco Cueva:” Why Does the Concept of Energy Security Not Engage with the Literature on the Social Impacts of Securing Energy? A Database Analysis Using Structural Topic Modelling”
  • Anne Agersnap and Kirstine Helboe Johansen: “Uncovering Theologies and Cultural Discourses in 11.955 Contemporary Danish Sermons – Employing Computational Research Resources Within Practical Theology and the Study of Religion
  • Annette Skovsted Hansen: “Developing a Global Alumni Network”
  • Mikkel Telle and Helle Strandgaard Jensen: “Mapping Copenhagen Press 1900: Cityscapes and Emotions”
  • Martin Beddelem and Hagen Schulz-Forsberg: “Mapping the Good Society: The Transnational Creation of Neoliberalism and its Global Reach”
  • Mark Eaton: "Global Britain and the Political Mythology of Brexit”
  • Antoinette Fage-Butler & Matilde Nisbeth Brøgger: "Digital Methods and the Use of Twitter in Health Communication"