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In a press release, the Danish Ministry of Education and Research emphasizes the importance of implementing digital technologies and methods to all higher educations.

2018.09.05 | Emil Stenvang Iversen

Foto: ufm.dk

The next generation of graduates from the Danish universities should be prepared for the labour market of the future, and a society, with new technological possibilities and challenges.

This is what the Danish Minister of Education and Research, Tommy Ahlers, has announced in a recent press release. 

The Minister has identified two focus areas, which will operate as a starting point for the digitisation of the education sector in Denmark: Knowledge and skills within digital technologies and better learning with with digital technologies.

The first focus area adresses the students, who should be comfortable using digital technologies and methods when they graduate. The second focus area concerns the teachers of the universities, who should be able to master and use digital technologies in their teaching.

Lastly, the Minister encourages everyone to contribute to improving the work with digital technologies and sharing their experiences with previous work. 

The full press release can be read at ufm.dk

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