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Matthew Wilkens from Wayne State University will visit Aarhus University in the Fall semester of 2019.

2019.09.06 | Emil Stenvang Iversen

From September to December, Aarhus University will have the pleasure of hosting Matthew Wilkens from Wayne State University. Matthew will work mainly at Comparative Literature and at the Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus, but is open for cooperation – if you are interested in working with Matthew, or have any ideas, please email emi@cc.au.dk.

Matthew is Associate Professor of English at Wayne State, where he specialises in digital humanities, computational literary studies, and contemporary American fiction. Wilkens works with new methods of computational and quantitative cultural analysis, for example literary text mining, geolocation extraction, and network analysis.

Previously, Professor Wilkens worked with digital projects such as mapping the large-scale literary landscape of multilingual fiction, identifying novelistic genres across several centuries, and evaluating the convergence of international style in the age of globalization.

Matthew is the director of the Textual Geographies project, co-investigator on the Text Mining the Novel project, and the past president of the Digital Americanists Society.

Stay tuned to digitalarts.au.dk, where we’ll post news and events regarding Matthew Wilkens’s visit and digital humanities in general.